I want to live with my family in Japan.  

If you are already in Japan and you want to live with your family, your family needs to get a

“Dependent visa”. I will explain about a dependet visa.

What is a “Dependent visa”?

A dependent visa is a visa to live together with a spouse or children in Japan.
A foreigner who has a “working visa” or a “college student visa” can invite a spouse or children to Japan.

Basically, you are not allowed to work on a family visa. You must be dependent.


(1)“Dependent” refers to “spouse / child”.  It does not include siblings or parents

(2) A spouse is a person whose marriage is still legally valid. It does not include those who have been separated, who is deceased, or those who is in common-law marriage. It does not also include same sex marriage even though it has been successfully married in foreign countries.

You need to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility to bring your spouse or child who lives in your home country to Japan and live together.

Estimated application period is one to three months. We recommend that you apply ahead of time.

Evidence required for obtaining a Dependent visa

Documents that prove the relationship between the applicant and the supporter

1. Family register

2. (For spouse) Marriage acceptance certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

3. (In case of child) Birth certificate etc.

Documents that prove the occupation and income of a supporter

A. A supporter has an income.

1. Residence card

2. Proof of supporter’s occupation

e.g. Certificate of employment, Business license, Commercial entry certificate, etc.

3. Proof of dependents’ income

e.g. Resident tax certificate, Tax payment certificate, Record of withholding income tax, Copy of final tax return, etc.

B. A supporter is engaged in activities other than income-generating activities (Student visa, etc.)

1. Residence card

2. Details of a supporter’s Deposit Certificate, Amount of scholarship and repayment period, etc.

3. Evidence that a supporter has sufficient resources to support the applicant.T

Can I work on a Dependent Visa? Are there any restrictions?

If you are able to bring your family to Japan on a Dependent Visa, your family member cannot work because a Dependent Visa is not a working visa but a visa for who is supported by his/her family financially.

However, if you he/she obtain “a non-qualified activity permit”, he/she residing on a dependent visa can work up to 28 hours a week. Please be careful even if he/she has permission to work outside the qualifications, he/she will not be able to get into employment related work such as cabaret clubs or in any other adult entertainment industry.

If he/she is working on a Dependent Visa, there is no upper limit to the amount of income you can earn, but since there is a limit of 28 hours per week, for example, if he/she works for 1,000 yen per hour, his/her monthly income will be about 110,000 yen. (28 hours x 4 weeks x 1,000 yen)

If he/she works more than 28 hours per week, it means he/she has violated the permission. According to Chapter 9, Article 70 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, if you violate the permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under the status of residence previously granted, you will be subject to “imprisonment or imprisonment for not more than three years” or “a fine of three million yen,” or both.

So please be careful about your family’s overworking.

The visa period for a dependent visa

5 years, 4 years and 3 months, 4 years, 3 years and 3 month, 3 years, 2 years, 1 year and three months, 1 year, 6 months or 3 months


Applying for a family visa often requires more than the documents listed above. The supporter’s taxpayment status and the attitude of life in Japan are also examined carefully, and the contents of so called “Reasoning statement” (Why you need the dependent visa) is also very important.

If you need any help, please contact Amie Immigration Law Offece.

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