Don’t give up your tax refund of Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment.
We can help you get the refund.

Please note we can help tax refund only. We cannot take care of Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment.

You may claim Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments when you satisfy all conditions as below.

First of all, you need to file the application for the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments (the Payments) within 2 years after the date you no longer have a registered address in Japan and you are no longer covered by the National Pension (NP), the Employees’ Pension Insurance (EPI) or the Mutual Aid systems.

①You are a non-Japanese. 

② You have coverage periods, i.e., you have/had been covered, under the EPI for six months or more.  Or you have six months or more of coverage period in total under the NP.

③ You no longer have an address in Japan registered to the municipal office. 

④ You have never been entitled to Japanese public pension benefits including Disability Allowance.

Tax refund on the Payments

Secondly, the tax refund procedures. The Payments based on your coverage periods under the National Pension system is not subject to income tax. However, the Payments based on your coverage periods under the Employees’ Pension Insurance system is subject to income tax of 20.42%, and the tax is deducted from the Payments.

If you don’t reside in Japan and it is within five years since you left Japan, you may claim the tax refund at a tax office in Japan.
To claim the refund, you need to have a bank account in Japan.
In case you do not have it anymore, you can get the refund by designating a tax agent.

If you have already received the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments, we are pleased to be your tax agent and get your tax refund for you.

The procedures are as follows:

1. Designate “Amie Immigration Law Office” as your tax agent who shall represent you to take tax procedure.
2. File the form “tax agent designation”.
3. Send the original Notice of Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments, which you receive with the remittance of Payment, to your tax agent in Japan.
4. Your tax agent, Amie Immigration Law Office, will file your tax refund claim at the appropriate tax office.
5. Tax refund will be made to the bank account of Amie Immigration Law Office and after deducting our fee, we will remit the remaining amount to your bank account.