Life in Japan


Can a foreigner living in Japan receive a Health insurance?

After resident registration, you become a citizen of Japan. All residens of Japan are enrolled in public medical insurance and you can receive advanced medical services.

There are two types of medical insurances, National Health Insurance and Employee’s Health Insurance. If you are self-employed or not working, you enroll in National Health Insurance. On the other hand, if you are employed by companies, you enroll in Employee’s Health insurance. Once you join, you receive the health insurance card. If you feel sick and go to a hospital or a clinic, bring and submit your insurance card. You only need to pay 30% of your medical expenses i.e. 70% is covered by the insurance.  If you forget to bring it, you’ll have to pay 100% of the cost upfront. You can claim it back later, but that will take some time.

* People from countries that have social security agreements with Japan might not be required to join.

If you get sick in Japan

If you get sick in Japan, you need to go to a hospital or clinic. These are two main types of medical facility in Japan: hospitals and clinics. There is not a system of family doctors or GP.

Usually, you go to a clinic first. Clinics tend to be highly specialized. You go to an eye clinic for eye problems, a dermatology clinic for skin problems, a maternity clinic for pregnancy and so on. In case the problems are serious, you will be introduced a hospital by the clinic. Many of hospitals do not acept you without such an introduction.

You may worry about going to a hospital or clinic in Japan if you do not understand Japanese fully. If so, please use our ”Family support service”. We will attend you to the clinic or hospital.


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