Life in Japan    

No. 1

What you have to do after arriving in Japan

Before you come to Japan, you need to get a Status of Residence to live in Japan. It determines what activity you can do and the duration of your stay

1. Get your residence card

If you arrive in Japan via following airports, you receive your residence card there. 
New-Chitose Air Port, Narita Air Port, Haneda Air Port, Chubu Air Port, Kansai Air Port, Hiroshima Air Port, Fukuoka Air Port

Arriving in Japan via other than above airports, the residence card will be sent to you after your resident registration.

2. Register as a resident

You need to register as a resident at a municipality you reside in, if you live in Japan more than 3 months. Within 14 days of deciding where you live, you have to go your ward office and present your residence card. 
If you have not received your residence card by then, please bring your passport instead.

When you decided to move out of the city/town

Before you move out of the city/town, you need to file the change-of-address notification at your ward office. Within 14 days of moving in, you must submit a notification your new address to your new ward office. Don’t forget to bring your residence card as well.


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